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Brazilian Wax New Client Special $40

  • Pulls hair from the root
  • Smoother skin
  • Less regrowth

Waxing Services

Brazilian Wax


Everything all gone, like a baby. Single wax.

Brazilian Wax 3 Pack


Save Money on your waxes. $180 for the 3 means just $60 each wax. Buy the package at the first wax and use the remaining waxes at your leisure. Expires in a year.

Brazilian Wax 6 pack


Save money on your waxes! The package of 6 is $350, making each wax about $58. This package expires in one year from date of purchase.

Brazilian Wax 12 pack


Perfect for the lady that gets her wax done every 4 weeks. This package is the best value with each wax being just $52 for a total of $625 for the year. The package expires in one year.

Waxing - Bikini


everything that shows outside of a small bikini bottom, including navel hair and 3 finger width of inner thigh.

Waxing - Full Legs


from top of the foot up to bikini line. does not include the bikini line.

Waxing - Half Legs


does not include the bikini if you do the thighs and hamstrings.

Waxing - Chest


Waxing Different parts of the Body.

Waxing - Back


from the belt line to the base of the neck and across the shoulders.

Waxing - Full Face


Includes eyebrows, lip,chin,cheeks and sideburns.

Neckline Wax


Perfect for in between freshening your haircut. Perfect for shorter cuts for both men and women.

Waxing - Brow Shaping


Waxing the brows into your perfect shape for your face and bone structure.

Waxing - Lip


upper lip and right under the lower lip if you need it.

Waxing - Chin


chin and partial jaw line.

Waxing - Lip and Chin


Waxing - Side-Burns


Waxing - Underarms


Waxing Different parts of the Body.

Waxing - Full Arms


top of the hand to the shoulder

Waxing - Half Arms


Waxing Different parts of the Body.

Waxing - Stomach


an add on service to a brazilian/bikini wax, otherwise known as the happy trail.

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