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Permanent Makeup

Virginia Beach Wax & Beauty Bar

  • Long lasting results
  • Saves you time
  • Minimal maintenance

Permanent Makeup Services

Microblading Consultation


Have all your questions answered about the process and healing time. I will draw possible brow shapes on you to give you and idea of what can be achieved. We will also go over after care and health questionnaire to ensure that you are a good candidate for the service. The cost of the consult will go into your microblading if your choose to get it done.

New Client Microblading


This service is for you if you want your permanent makeup to look natural. This will make you look like you grew hair in the right place for that perfect arch. You can see more of my work in Instagram @Mollymicroblades

Microblading With Shading


Get the natural look you want with a little bit more depth. Microblading throughout the entire brow followed by shading to add a little bit of shadow in between strokes.

Microblading Touch-up (6 to 8 weeks)


The final step to perfection after the initial procedure. 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment. Any changes in color or tweaks to the shape can be made at this appointment.

Microblading Touch-up (9 weeks to 1 year)


If it has been at least 9 weeks but no longer than a year since your initial visit with me, this is the touch-up you want.

Color boost (12 months to 18 months)


If it has been been longer than a year and up to a year and a half since your last touch-up and you want the color back in the brows, this is the service for you.

Color Boost (18 months to 24 months)


If it has been a year and a half to 2 years since I have seen you, and you want the color back in your brows, this is the service for you.

Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows Corrective


Did you have your brows done somewhere else and they aren't right? Want them fixed? We may need to do some removal first, which I offer. Or, we may be able to go over the top of the existing tattoo with a new color, if it has faded properly. My recommendation is that we start with a consultation first to see what our first step should be.

Powder Brow/Ombre Brow/Shaded Brow


This service is for you if: -you would like a more shaded, filled in,defined look. -you need to touchup old permanent makeup from years ago -you want to convert from microblading to shading. -you aren't a candidate for microblading, -you want a look to last longer than microblading -please note, you need a touchup 8 weeks after the first session. Same price for that appointment as well.

Book An Appointment

To book an appointment, click the “book appointment” button, then select the service you would like to schedule. Finally, select the date you would like to have your service.

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